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Мои поездки

That’s we:

Horst and I

And we always travel there:

More precisely there:

Sunny Beach

You can travel by car

But we prefer the plane

Because we like the comfort

This year we were twice in Bulgaria. The second time was merely a rest without any excursions and visits. We spent only two weeks (from 10.09 to 24. 09. 2005) instead of three, as usual. In fact we wanted to take a rent car and to travel round the country just the two of us, but after all we didn’t have the courage. And we had already been to the other excursions, offered by the agency.

Some not so serious obstacles accompanied our arrival. We had just arrived at the desk for arranging our documents when the machine broke down- techniques that charm.

At the Burgas airport it was funnier. After the fast flight with TU 164, people gathered in front of the desk for the passport checking, because only half of the desks were opened, despite the big crowd. And again we were on the wrong queue. The turn of a young woman (probably Bulgarian), standing several people ahead, came.

There was something wrong with her documents and she had an animatedly controversy with the police officer. Then he closed the desk hurriedly without taking into consideration the long queue. I mixed up with people from the other queue after the passport checking finished and I saw what our police officer was doing.

He was quarreling with an English family. The tourist guides had to make peace between the family and the police officer. Yes, you have read correctly - it wasn’t about the girl anymore. She was waiting calmly for her luggage, we didn’t mid. In fact the police officer was going about to return at his working place. His lack of willingness to do this was obvious.

Hotels 'Orel' and 'Astoria'

The position of 'Orel' is wonderful. It is situated at the coastal alley from the one side, and on a lively place from the other side. The most important thing was that it was five minutes away from our ‘Mercury’ beer- house.

The hotel had 2,5 stars and responded to its category. The air-conditioner and the fridge were missing, but I didn’t need them. The rooms and the bathrooms were clean, and the cleaning was all right.

We had booked only breakfast. It was offered in the next 'Astoriya' hotel. We tried all the stars, and of course we fed up after three breakfasts and we gave the slops mucks to the other guests. We, ourselves, had breakfast at 'Mercury', where of course we paid. But it was worth it.

Snezha, Toshko, Horst and I


Igor the European

Igor was three months old. He was naturally an attraction for the kids.

Bulgaria should be accepted in the European Union in 2007 or in 2008, at the latest. And on the Igor the tortoise’s shell they had placed on the flag og the European Union as a preliminary act.

Snezha loves dancing happily even on the top of the chair at the bar, if she is in a good mood.

But mostly she had to work.

Sometimes I helped her.

Half of Delitzch were at Sunny Beach. A lot of people from this town were spending their holidays at the same time we were. I knew five people personally and two of them were at out hotel. We celebrated with one of them his 70th birthday. And there I accidentally met Diyana, who was a bar tender at the ‘Globe’ in 2003.

Rilafan, her husband and I at the swimming pool stand in 'Glarus':

Astika and I at the beer- house 'Mercur'

Those who read only half of my previous travel notes would think that we spend our time in Bulgaria only in the pubs. Now a proof of the contrary follows: I was at the beach all the time, no matter if it was cold or rainy.

I know: one more pub. But this is the Sunny Beach.

This holiday finished quite fast, as well. We visited other ex-'places of action', as 'Malibu' and 'Caribi' bars. It is just nice to come to Bulgaria and to see again a lot of acquaintances, and among them some friends.