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As I hinted during our holidays we made some serious things as well. The most enjoyable among the three excursions was the Sofia - Plovdiv -Borovetz - the Rila Monastery one. Who hasn’t been to the Rila Monastery yet, should definitely see it. In my opinion this is an 'absolutely obligatory'

We didn’t travel with TUI, but with a local agency. My Bulgarian teacher gave us its address. I will give the address to those who want it with pleasure. The other tourists are from Russia. The tourist guide Dimo read the lecture into Russian and German.

First we traveled along the Stara Planina Mountain till we reached the town of Sliven and then we passed through the town of Stara Zagora up to Plovdiv. There we visited the old part of the city and the amphitheatre from the Roman times. The lunch was in Plovdiv as well. Then we went on to the city of Sofia. There we saw the Alexander Nevski Cathedral. It was built in honour of the perished in the Russian- Turkish war soldiers. Bulgaria was released from almost 500 years Turkish oppression in result of that war. After seeing the cathedral we had a free time.

It was terribly hot and that’s why we spent our time in a beer-house. The trip went on to Borovets where we spent the night. It is very deserted in the very Borovets during the summer- just a couple of mountaineers are resting there. The next morning we went on the Rila Monastery direction.

First we visited a convent in the town of Samokov. The important thing about the monastery is that the Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski had sheltered there. He had been organizing the Bulgarian resistance a couple of years before the burst of the Russian- Turkish war, but he was hanged by the Turkish in 1873. After the visit to this convent we finally went on to the Rila Mountains. I don’t have much to say about the Rila Monastery, it just has to be seen. I have never seen such a majestic thing. The monastery is magnificent. There was one more remarkable thing: the other travelers in our tourist group were Russians. I thought that atheism had strengthen its positions after 70 years of Communisn, but I was wrong. Almost all Russians, among them a lot of young people, crossed themselves many times before entering the church of the monastery. That view was very impressing. After we saw the monastery we went back to Sunny Beach.

Our tourist guide Dimo

The old and the modern part of Plovdiv 

The gate to he old part of the city.

The Alexander Nevski cathedral in Sofia

Free time in the centre of Sofia

A restaurant in Borovetz

The Rila monastery

We sighed for this trip in the TUI. The first part of the trip is a visit to a natural reserve where different birds are observed. Then we continued to the river, where you could go for a row to the river outfall. After that we went to Sozopol where we hadlunch and went sightseeing. Lunch is paid additionally because it is not included in the program. Then we traveled back to Burgas- there we had some free time. Finally we returned to Sunny Beach.

A piece of advice: in Burgas we had meal in a restaurant, situated on the ‘Saint Kiril and Metodi’ square, where the prizes were cheaper in comparison to those in Sunny Beach. Next time we will eat there not in Sozopol.

Ropotamo river with turtle

This trip was organized by us. I will say nothing more. Who knows, who reads this? We traveled by a minibus to the Kaliacra Cape through the city of Varna, the Golden Sands complex and Albena complex. We spent a lot of time in this fortress, rounded by the see. The only thing I could say is that it was worth it. We went on to Balchik. There we visited the Botanic Garden and the Palace of the Romanian Queen.

Cape Kaliakra

The botanical garden of Balchick