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Here I am, just came back from Bulgaria and I’m in a hurry to write down my impressions before I’ve forgotten everything – yet again.

Following my holiday with Horst in June, I went again to Slanchev Briag (Sunny Beach) in September, all by myself just like in 2006 and 2007. The weather was rather bad, only the first four days were as I wished them to be. The rest of the time it rained heavily for two days, and it didn’ get warm until I left. It was a horrible holiday for the people on the beach.

The weather wasn’t of such a great importance for me, my holiday passed entirely in the spirit of meetings with Bulgarian and German friends and acquaintances. In addition, I went to a fantastic excursion with  my Bulgarian friends in the Rhodopes. You can learn more about it here:

>>Klick here<<

I know these cool four young ladies from the Indian Bar, Billy’s bistro. With the exception of Kristina, I know all of them from last year. I met Kristina this year during my June holiday. Yet again, I dropped quite often in the “Indian”.  The connoisseurs do know what ‘Stupid sheep!’ means. :)))

I’m feeling just like at home at the Indian Bar. Not only these four waitresses, but also many other employees from the Steak House and Pamporovo welcomed and saw me off very warmly. These three restaurants are one whole and they are located at the back of Alba hotel.

I met up once with Rilafan from Fossy’s forum and her husband’s holidays, as well as with Venny, Dida’s sister. My Bulgarian teacher and her husband were there, too.

I met these two crazy buddies who were also taking their holiday at Slanchev Briag, in June at Fiesta Beach hotel. There are but a few people who know about Slanchev Briag and its history more than they do. They’ve been taking their holidays there for at least thirty years. They know everybody around and speak Bulgarian well.

During the 2008 European football championship we often watched the games, hearing the regular saying of Diddy’s in the standard situations: "Ready to jubilate!" I often stayed with them at Condor and Condor’s bar. The prices there are ok too, and the waitresses are friendly and pretty.

Peter and I

Dida and Diddy

We three with Dimo

It’s hard to believe that I always happen to meet him, just like that. Dimo is a tourist guide and we took a trip together to Sofia/the Monastery of Rila in 2004. A few days later, we went to Sozopol with another guide and guess whom we met there. By the way – Dimo.

We went with Dimo one more time to Sofia/the Monastery of Rila in 2005.

In September 2006, I was travelling from Slanchev Briag to Varna to have a look at the Thracian gold and silver treasures at the archaeological museum. After the sightseeing I went to snatch a meal at a restaurant nearby. And guess who came to me and smiled? Absolutely right – Dimo!  

In September 2008 there I was sitting with Diddy and Peter at Condor’s bar and guess who approached and smiled? Again - Dimo! We met with him and his wife one more time but the meeting had been planned.  :)))

I don’t miss a holiday in Bulgaria without seeing my dear Sneja. Once, she was with her boyfriend Hristo at „my“ Diamond hotel at Slanchev Briag, and later I went to visit her in Bourgas. We had a meal together at Monte Christo restaurant. This is a good restaurant indeed and it’s located in the center of Bourgas. Excellent service, good cuisine and pleasant atmosphere, we spent a lovely evening. Well, the prices are high but compared to similar restaurants in Germany there’s nothing to complain about.

What I mean now is not the Bulgarian beer that is produced in Plovdiv but the User Kamenitza who’s registered in He was staying at Diamond Hotel at the same time as I was, the big difference being that I knew about it in advance. The only thing he knew was that I would be in Slanchev Briag at that time. I hadn’t provided details in the Who-When-Where menu of HC. We had a few pints and Bulgarian brandy together. Actually he knew me while I was explaining to another guest that I had already been at Mercury. Well, at least one person who would read my travel notes carefully :)))

Тhis bar was located inside the hotel; on lease, though. The tenants were Nasko and Dessy. Two young women were in their aid, being also responsible for both the spa centre and the hairdresser’s. They were selling Becks that was actually made in Plovdiv.


Nasko and Dessy

Kamenitza, Becks and I

The hotel is situated in the very center of Slanchev Briag, in the main-street next to the police station. Those who would seek calmness won’t find it here. The hotel is not bad; however, Fiesta Beach is better. I made a reservation at Diamond’s because it’s in the center, and I would do it again. The room was spacious enough; the wardrobe, though, was absolutely hilarious: no shelves at all and I had to hang my underwear, piece by piece, on different hangers. I stayed at a double bedroom which I used for single, so I could keep my suitcase and clothes on the other bed. I didn’t mind the wardrobe. But a couple would have had problems.

The room had the typical furniture – phone, air conditioning, balcony, mini-bar, etc. Besides, there were two big mirrors too. The good news was that in addition to the two sockets in the room, there was also one in the bathroom. There wasn’t a lot of space in the bathroom where one could put his things around. The balcony was very small, with a wash-line, though.

The cuisine was good. Enough to select from for breakfast and dinner.

There was a change bureau in the lobby of the hotel, offering a good exchange rate (1,90); a spa centre, a hairdresser’s/beauty parlour, as well as a small shop and a portrait painter. There was a consulting room, too.

There was also another bar at the hotel that was outside. The disadvantage for me was that they served only bottled beer there.

Despite the bad weather, the holiday was fantastic as a whole. I saw again both Bulgarian and German friends and acquaintances, I  met new people and I went to an interesting excursion. In addition, I satisfied my culinary needs with pork stew (kavarma), a special boiled veal (Teleshko vareno), pancakes with honey and walnuts, as well as with various types of Bulgarian salami (flat sausage, Elena fillet and others).  

Yet again, eight gloomy months without Bulgaria are awaiting me. But time will pass!