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View from the balcony at the pool

After 2006 and 2007 Horst and me booked the hotel Sun Palace again. My report about the Hotel Sun Palace 2006/2007 you can read here. We had some doubts because it was only offered with All Inclusive. But the price was convincing and we didnt regret it.
The price performance ratio is good. Some people have still something to grump, as you will know. Make cheap holiday and ask for golden water-taps. Thats like they are. And then there is the species which doesnt know where he or she is going. Because someone who books a hotel in the center of the Sunny Beach and expects silence, this one expects properly tropical climate at the north pole too.

The rooms were like we knew them. Nothing changed. Our rooms were on the pool side.
Meals were on a buffet. There was a good and plenty choice. For lunch and for dinner there were at least three varieties of meat, one variety of fish, salat, vegetables, fruits and lots of tarts, cakes, cookies and ice cream. The veal was more a beef. There is no big difference in Bulgaria. The calfs are sometimes a little bit older.
The choice of drinks was o.k. There was good beer and some spirits.
I often drank pepermint liquor. An english man was very astonished about that. He saw my glas, paused and said amazed: „green stuff!“ He couldnt relax. Some minutes later he showed his own glas and said: „I’ve got a red one!“  It was probably a Tequila Sunrise.

Atmospheric ambiance in the evening

There were bright young people who were responsible for our drinks and for clearing the empty plates and glasses. They were nice and friendly, like we were. Everyone knew after two days that we liked our beer with froth („s pjana“).

They are responsible for the fresh pancakes, fired eggs, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches.

Especially the animation for the children was excellent. The little ones had a lot of fun. But for the adults was animation too: early morning exercise, darts, Cocktail gambles, water gymnastics, airgun shooting, bingo, quiz and pool games were offered. Taking part was of course voluntary. The languages of the animation were german, english and bulgarian. Beside animation you could play table tennis for free or go to the fitness room with costs. There are also a wellness area, an internet room, turkish massage, a hairdresser, a little shop and a pharmacy. Of course with costs.