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This holiday has been very short, just ten days. As usual my attention was focused on meeting German, Bulgarian and English friends and acquaintances. Of course, it included a new trip into the inland. You can find a direct link to the trip here:

Meeting Anna (the second from left), her follower and Chris (in Bayerndress) at Pamporovo - bar.

This time I stayed at Diamond Hotel, which I knew since last September. That’s why I already knew that one has to pay immediately for one’s Safe even if he/she arrives at midnight. Respectively I had stocked up on enough levs already in June. It’s not a good idea to exchange money at the Burgas Airport, the rate is only 160 levs for 100 euros.

Desy and Nasko, the tenants of Lobbybar

Two ladies from the reception desk

During the short visit at Sun Palace I noticed that Elena was the only waitress remained of the personnel I met in June.

Headquarters of my activities at Sunny Beach was Pamporovo bar, just like in June. Here you can see me together with Rolf from Delitzsch and Kristina. Below it’s us again, but this time with Mimi.


I met again Moira from Beach Bulgaria at Pamporovo bar. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Of course I visited Dida and Kremena at the Central Royal too. I saw again lovely Snescha and her friend Kristo, just like in every holiday. The fact that Dimo ran into me again no need to be even mentioned :-)

A week later Didi and Peter were already too. As expected, we had a lot of fun.

Though the weather was quite unfavourable for the first half of the week I felt quite good because it was still possible to stay out (except the very first day). Then three days I was in the inland where the weather was to some extend good. During the last days at Sunny Beach it was even really warm.