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This holiday at Sunny Beach was pure relax. Unfortunately my planned trips to Stara Zagora and Perperikon/Tatul had to be postponed. But I hope to visit these places in September. Nevertheless I’ve enjoyed my stay in Bulgaria very much.

Horst and I

Our hotel

We didn’t get bored. Bulgarian high school graduates, starting from the first week, arrived at our hotel in different groups of 60 - to 70 students and did an atmosphere of joviality.  Each group stayed for three days. For the first evening of their stay they provided own entertainment, which we enjoyed too.  There were different competitions, like drinking a bottle of beer with a straw whilst doing press ups. We also listened to lots of their Bulgarian music.

These were cheerful and nice young people. In no manner were they aggressive. Only perhaps a little bit loud! We never noticed this, but some of the other tourists were a little bit disturbed. In the night the guys chanted their battle cry: "Edno, dve, tri, tchetiri, pet, shest, sedem, osem, devet, deset, edinaise, dwanaise - wow!"  These are the numbers from one to twelve in Bulgarian, and this is the way to say goodbye to every year spent at school.

In the hotel there was a table tennis table, which we could use for free. Last summer after a break of about 30 years, I tried to play again and I ended up playing 6 or 7 more times. Within the leisure facilities for the guests there was also a ping-pong tournament, so I could play against the Bulgarian high school graduates, the staff and the other tourists, which were different nationalities. Although I was quite a bit older than almost all of my opponents, I didn’t disgrace myself too much! I won more sets than I lost! In fact I only lost to the best Bulgarian high school graduate and to a former youth champion from Berlin.

One of my ping-pong partners was a very pleasant lady from England. When she saw my table tennis racquet, she asked me if I’d like to play against her. This woman was so fit! In her country, she plays tennis and table tennis regularly.  She also rides. I can only dream about being as fit as her!

Margaret and I

With Margaret and her partner

With Margaret’s son

On the right you can see Peni - a really nice waitress

Peter, Didi and I went on a trip to Goritsa. This small village is at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, about 20 Kilometres from Sunny Beach and 35 Kilometres from Burgas. In Goritsa many English but also Germans have summer holiday homes or live there.

Peter (on the left) and Didi

Our car in front of the pub

View of the village, in front is a "recumbent policeman"

As our booking was all inclusive we had to spend a lot of time in the hotel. However we were really happy here. The rooms, the food and the drinks were very good. Also our relationship with the staff was (as almost always) fantastic!

During a conversation with the manager and the chef 


Peni and Dotschka

Christina and Dotschka



With Kristina

With Krassimira and Kristina

Angel and Dotschka





Pepi and Yoyo

Bulgarian traditional evening


Hristo and Svetlo


As usual I met lots of my friends and acquaintances. Including Snesha and Christo, whom I wouldn’t think of not seeing when I’m in Bulgaria. I saw Rilafan and Nico, I visited Dida and Kremena. I met Moira and Allan twice. I also unexpectedly saw Veni and the owner of the “Mercury”. He was with his grandson and father. I also drank some beers with Milena and Benno and went to “Pamporovo” twice with Alois and Sigrid.

With Moira and Allan

With Sigrid and Alois