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My September holiday at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria was great, just like every time I go there: I had some interesting trips into the inland, met old friends and got to know a few new acquaintances. Of course, also this time I enjoyed a lot the delicious Bulgarian food and drinks.

I stayed at “Orel” Hotel, a simple but clean accommodation, located right on the seaside promenade. I fell for the lobby bar and the pool bar as well, where I spent most of the time.

My report consists of three parts:

Meeting old and new acquaintances (see below)

Description of the “Orel” hotel (staff, outdoor/ indoor facilities) direct click

Trips into the inland direct click

My holiday package included bed and breakfast only, that’s why I had to eat outside. I was mostly dining at restaurant "Eagle". It’s situated nearby the hotel; the food is good and inexpensive. By the way, "Eagle" means  “orel” in Bulgarian.

Live music in “Eagle”

As mentioned in my previous reports, I just can’t imagine being in Bulgaria without seeing Snezha and her friend Christo. You see us here on this picture together with Krassimir, a friend of them, in “Eagle”.

In front left: Krassimir

By the way, with Snezha and Christo I made another great trip across the Strandzha Mountains. You can read more about it in "Excursions 2010".

I got to know these three young ladies a few years ago in the Indian bar of Billy’s bistro. Unfortunately, this time I had a chance to meet them only once.

From left to right: Veni, Dida and Kremena

In the Condor-Bar I met Toonman from the Beach Bulgaria Discussion Board. I hope to meet him again next year.  Chris, whom I got to know at “Diamond” hotel, visited me in “Orel” with his girlfriend. I regret that we didn’t take a picture during our meeting. On the way through the “Mercury” passage I saw Toshko. Unfortunately we couldn’t arrange to meet us again.  

This June when I was in Bulgaria I stayed at the Sun Palace Hotel, where I got to know really friendly waiters and waitresses (see also here). Now, in September, I visited them there twice. Such a big pleasure for all of us! Tony and Penny I met also outside the hotel.

I arranged to meet Tony at “Diamond”. She appeared with her colleague Petya and we chatted cozy about 1.5 hours. At the end we arranged to meet us again next year, keeping while stay in touch in the meantime.

Tony (on the right) with her colleague Petya

Penny lives in the village of Tankovo. It’s located eight km away of Sunny Beach and it’s easy to reach by bus. That’s why for her, comparing with many of her colleagues, it’s not a problem to get home in the evening after work. I also visited  her there and got to know her boyfriend Ivan, her parents Ani and Nikolay and her brother Koko. Furthermore, I was a guest in her boyfriend’s flat where I met his parents, his sister, an uncle and another relative of them.

These two evenings were miraculous! The families wined and dined me with typical Bulgarian dishes and drinks. I’m proud of and grateful for being able to visit the families of Penny and her boyfriend Ivan in their homes. These are unforgettable moments for me! And if you only think that in the very beginning I knew only Penny. For the others I was just a complete stranger. Their hospitality was really magnificent!

I went twice to “Yunona” restaurant in Tankovo with Penny and Ivan. The first time we went together with a friend of them, the second one we were in the company of the Penny’s family. Definitely this place has to be visited. It’s relatively new, food is good at affordable price. The toilets are "European" and most important - clean. Maybe it’s because many Britons live in Tankovo and restaurants like this are really necessary.

With Penny’s family in “Yunona”

On the left: Penny and I, on the right: her parents

Right on the picture: Penny’s boyfriend Ivan

With Penny’s brother Koko

With Ivan’s family:

From left to right: Ivan’s mother, Ivan, I, Ivan’s father, the uncle and their brother-in-law

The Ivan’s pretty sister took the pictures, that’s why unfortunately I don’t have a picture of her. Therefore I was allowed to embrace Penny in front of everybody from the family :)))

With Penny’s and Ivan’s friend Christo in „Yunona“

Christo, Penny and I