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I really don’t know where to start from. It’s hard to say which was the most important, the most exciting and the most interesting thing happened during my last holiday in Bulgaria. BulgariaBeach-users meeting? Penny’s high school graduation ball? My journey to Perushtitsa and Batak? My “job” as a guide or…the list is endless, I’m afraid.  In the end, I think that the most important thing was meeting

Bozhidar, the son of very dear friends of mine - Snezha and Christo from Burgas. He was born on 9th of May 2011. At this picture he’s only 14 days old.

And he already enjoys drinking :)))

I met the little Bozhidar when I went to visit my friends Snezha and Christo in their home in Burgas. Then, on our second meeting, we went to Nesebar Restaurant which is located in the newer part of the town of Nesebar, just right next to the Court Palace. I really recommend this place. Even that it’s not cheap for the Bulgarian standards, the restaurant offers very good food and the service is quick and courteous.

This time I split my journey impressions in two separate chapters: The Guide and Trips

During this holiday I attended three happy events which was the best way for me to get to know better the Bulgarian way of living

As usual I had planned to go to Sunny Beach in the end of May for three weeks, but Penny, whom I met last year, insisted to celebrate her high school graduation party and I couldn’t say no. So I booked my flight and hotel and flew to Bulgaria two weeks earlier. I absolutely don’t regret! 

Of course, before getting there I got informed myself about what the Bulgarian graduation parties look like. I found out that they are similar to a wedding, with a lot of presents and an elegant outfit. As I had to be dressed up smart for the occasion, I put classic trousers, a jacket and a tie into my “Bulgarian” suitcase. Of course I bought a special present for Penny as well. With my suit on and perfume Calvin Klein for Penny I was ready to join the party! In the afternoon I was picked up from the Penny’s family to Tankovo where they live. Tankovo is a small village, at 6 km away from Sunny Beach. There was a kind of “preliminary” party in the garden in front of their house, where they had prepared a lot of tables full with drinks. Who wanted, could also eat. Penny looked just gorgeously in her long blue evening dress with long train. She looked amazing!


A lot of neighbors, friends and relatives came to the party. Among them there was Anton, acting a Bulgarian vice-champion of arm wrestle.About two hours later we went to a restaurant nearby, where it was supposed to begin the “real” party. There were several tables prepared just for us, because Penny had invited over 80 people. There were a plenty of drinks and meals. It seems, Bulgarians are sateless in dancing. They don’t know such thing like “condition difficulties”. Most of the music was appropriate rather for young people, but when a horo was played, all the people between 3 and 80 years old started dancing. In this way we celebrated until the early morning. Penny had another appointment with her hairdresser. The high school graduation ball was continuing!

Penny with her parents

Penny with her brother Koko

Penny with her boy-friend Ivan

…and with me

Little guests…

 … big guests

At the restaurant

She’s very good at belly dancing

They were in a fantastic mood!

They too!

I celebrated 24th of May with a friend of mine - Kalin, who lives in a village called Gyulyovtsa (Гюльовца). The day is a public holiday in Bulgaria and is known as the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day as well as the Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The two brothers invented the Glagolitsa – the oldest known Slavic alphabet.

On this day, every year, the locals from Gyulyovtsa celebrate the Day of the village. On the main street it was full of market stalls with different goods, food and drinks.But most of the people partied in their gardens. My friend Kalin had invited a lot of friends and neighbors to his garden party. It was really busy! Then not to mention that there were a lot of drinks and different traditional meals, including the delicious roasted lamb. Everyone was talking to everyone. I think that nobody thought about the real occasion of the celebration. It was just a great party, which continued from the late morning till the evening!

There was even a Bulgarian bagpiper who played for us

The third party I went to was the graduation ceremony at Burgas Free University.  Kalin took me to this occasion, as a friend of him graduated on that day. There were ceremonial speeches by the mayor of the city and by the principal of the university as well. The successful students were called one by one on the stage to receive their degrees, in front of the clapping relatives and friends. The students looked really nice in their graduation caps and gowns. The most exciting moment for me as a stranger was when hundreds of students threw their caps up in the air to the same time.

Kalin and his just graduated friend

I wanted to be on the picture too :)))

Finally on the 30th of May the big moment came! The BeachBulgaria-users meeting had been announced for long time and everyone was excited about it. The first participants began to arrive in the Condor bar around 13.30 o’clock, but sat scattered. At about 14.00 o’clock the Parkies recognized me and waved to me. And then it really started! We were about 20 participants and everyone talked excited.Here some pictures from the event:

This is the famous “Parkiebear”! The users "Parkiebear" and "Parkies Dad" are named after him

"Parkies Dad" (left) and "Parkiebear"

Together with David, Snezha and Ivan we went to the Nesebar restaurant  in the new part of the town of Nesebar. Elvira, one of Penny’s relatives, works there.

The restaurant offers excellent service and delicious food. For the Bulgarian standards it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s worth every euro you spent. The beef steak costs appr. 10-12 euro.

From left to right: Elvira, David, I and Ivan

Now you can see Penny on the picture