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My second summer holiday this year was somehow a little bit barmy. Firstly, I changed the hotel and secondly, I extended my holidays with a week twice. In the end, I spent five weeks at Sunny Beach, just as earlier in the beginning of the summer.

As always I met many friends and acquaintances, and also I saw some parts of the “real” Bulgaria. But this time, the most important thing was my stay at the Sun Palace Hotel.

Here you can go directly to my trips: click

And here to the Hotel Sun Palace: click

This time (it was my third holiday in Bulgaria this year) I wanted to find out whether higher-priced hotels are really better and whether spending extra money is actually worth it. That’s why I booked a room at the Calimera Club at Sunny Beach and was accommodated at the Tsvete Hotel, one of the three hotels of the club facility.

The hotel is absolutely OK. However, I was disappointed from the furnishings of my single room. It wasn’t better than those which I knew very well from the Sun Palace Hotel. There were, in fact, two chairs, but not even any armchair or a sofa, which I have seen in the other rooms. However, in my room there were missing. Anyway, my room didn’t justify the higher price.

However, the hotel offered 16 hours All Inclusive-Service - from 10.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.a. The food selection, the quality, the service and the leisure activities were anyway good.

Why did I change the hotel then? It’s very simple. I think that for me as a single traveler it’s completely inappropriate to spend the holiday in such large and therefore anonymous club complex. I only needed few days to realize that. I couldn’t establish any contact with the other tourists neither with the staff of the hotel. This never happened to me before in Bulgaria!

On the fifth day of my stay I asked the guide to accommodate me into Sun Palace Hotel as I’ve been already checked that there is a free room for me. The change of the hotel worked out and was worth it! But more about all that you can read in the part 2011-2 Sun Palace.

Of course I met my dearest friends Snezha, Christo and Bozhidar more times. We went out together visiting some restaurants and I was invited at their home as well.

Even that I don’t know Bozhidar for so long time he’s one of my dearest friends!

The proud parents Christo and Snezha with their son Bozhidar

Exactly four months old, he already pays attention to my beer. I think this boy will make something of himself! :)

At Pamporovo I met users from BeachBulgaria. We had nice time together.

From left to right: Moira, Helen, I, Mary and Meirion

Of course, I met Penny again as well. She was still working at the Sun Palace Hotel, but we met each other also outside. In Penny‘s village part of the company was also David.

Another young waitress from the Sun Palace – Stanislava, has invited me into her mother's house in the village of Rudnik. She and her colleagues Milena and Julia, both from the Sun Palace too, wanted to spoil me with some Bulgarian dishes.

Rudnik is situated not far from Burgas. There I met not only Stanislava's mother, but also the little Elys with her ​​grandmother. Elys is the daughter of the brother of Stanislava’s boyfriend. Unfortunately, the boyfriend was busy because of his job and couldn’t attend.

We all spent a nice evening together. There were Bulgarian food and drinks. On the next morning we had pancakes with fig jam for breakfast. Such poetry!

Stanislava with Elys

That’s me with Elys

With Stanislava’s mother

With Elys’ grandma

From left to right: Stanislava with her friends Milena and Julia and her mother, all from Rudnik

I met Ulrike and Heinz-Peter from wer-kennt-wen (who-knows-whom) three times. We had nice time together and we managed to organize ​​a trip around the surroundings.

Quite unexpectedly I also met Chris and his girlfriend. I know Chris since 2008 when I stayed at the Diamond Hotel. Of course we sipped a few beers together!