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Actually, I had planned everything in another way. Like the last year, I was invited to a family celebration in Bulgaria, which had to take place in early May. Bozhidar, the son of my friends Snezha and Christo was christened. That’s why I booked two weeks from late April to early May. Then, I wanted to go again to Sunny Beach, from 1st of June for three weeks together with my friend Horst, and then again alone from 4th September to the end of the month. But… like it often happened, I have extended my stays. The short April/May- holiday became total four weeks. Then I decided spontaneously, to spend in addition the months of July and August in Bulgaria. And all the holidays - in "my" Hotel Sun Palace.

Not counting the three tiny breaks, this year I’ll spend the whole summer in Bulgaria. I’m taking this as a chance to test myself if I’d like to live there. The thought to move for good to Bulgaria is coming very often into my mind.

It’s very handy to have a car so on 29th of June I’m going to Bulgaria in my own car. Let’s see what will happened.

Time to time I will keep you posted on how is going, but not every day.:)))

In the beginning I will try to organise my impressions in different chapters as “Notes”, “Bozhidar”, “Meetings”, “Trips” and “Sun Palace Hotel.”

This year my holiday started on 28th of April. At that time there weren’t any flights from Leipzig to Burgas, so I had to book a flight to Varna. We also had to fly via Düsseldorf in order to take more passengers on the board. Anyway, there is nothing more to mention about the transfer and the flight. In the end I reached successfully Sunny beach and „opened“ the hotel. The second time – on 1st June, we flew directly to Burgas.

As a regular guest who is staying at least several times in a year in the hotel, I’m using a lot of advantages. Also this time there was a table, especially reserved for me. And the manager of the hotel gave me to use his own car, which was extremely kind of him.

The weather: In the beginning - nice, after that - not so nice, but in the very end of the holiday - amazing!

During the first two weeks the weather was nice – without any rain at all, but in the evenings felt quite cold. After that, from middle of May till the end of the month, it was raining a lot and the temperatures dropped down drastically. I felt sorry for the tourists who were at Sunny Beach at that time. Some of them even cynically called Sunny Beach- „Rainy Beach“, which had its reasons. The Summer arrived officially with the first day of June and we had brilliant weather – the temperatures reached 30 degrees and we didn’t see neither a drop of rain.

At the end of April and during the first two weeks of May nothing really happened at Sunny Beach. The resort was empty and the most of the hotels and the restaurants were still closed. Everything changed in the middle of May, when the resort became livelier and nicer and in June it was completely packed.

My lovely neighbors –Guenter, Regina and Silke, are the people taking care of my flat whilst I’m away from home. They are so kind as to water my flowers, collect the mails and keep an eye on my home. After my long assent they decided that I wouldn’t recognize my place anymore, so when I arrived and walked into my flat, I was surprised to find on the floor numerous shoe prints made of paper. The steps were carefully cut and numbered, leading to my bedroom. That was such a brilliant idea! But it wasn’t all – I was astonished when I found in the kitchen Regina and Silke waiting for me! They were laughing at the surprised and foolish expression I had on my face. Meanwhile Guenter was guarding on the balcony. What a trick!

I started my trip from Leipzig to Sunny Beach on 29th of June, along with Peter and George. Our way passed through Dresden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Sofia. The total distance is roughly 2050 km. We were driving on a highway during the whole time excluding one short part in Serbia. We decided to stay for the night in one hotel at 120 km after Hungarian-Serbian border. It was very funny because the Serbians could understand my Bulgarian and vice versa - I could understand their language as well. I think that both languages should be very similar. There was life music at the hotel till midnight. Seemed, a lot of people were there just for the music. The rhythm was very familiar to me... “Hear How Rumbling Foliage“ sounded in Bulgarian language. The hotel was very convenience for us – only €15 for a single room.

The travel went very smooth. We stuck in a traffic jams only twice and we had to wait longer only at the Hungarian-Serbian border. The whole trip by car took us 29 hours. At the petrol stations we were paying by (Maestro-) cards. However, here I want to mention that we couldn’t buy any road tax vignette on the German-Czech border. You only can find those at a parking situated just before to reach the border. If you miss the chance to get some from there, the nearest place after that is one petrol station at about 25 km away, at the territory of Czech Republic. What will happen if you are stopped by the police meanwhile? – I don’t know, we’ve been lucky.

We arrived at Sunny Beach on 30th of June, late in the evening. I gave Peter and George a lift to their flat and after that I checked into my hotel which was packed. The weather was just fantastic. Until today – 18th of July, the temperatures have never been below 30 degrees. One day they reached 40 degrees, but usually they varied between 34 -36 degrees, which is normal for this period.

I took an advantage being travelling by car to visit some friends and check around the area. I am telling more about that in my chapters “Trips” and “Meetings”. Anyway, it’s priceless to have a car. At least you can easily go to do some shopping in Lidl or at the Mall of Burgas.

Excepting just few raining days, the weather during July, August and September was very nice. The thing was that my holiday was turning into a routine with every single day –the food, the music, the entertainment.. Everything was getting the same. I don’t think I could handle another long stay in a hotel. But… I like Bulgaria so much and I have friends and acquaintances there, so I decided in the end of September to move into an apartment. In other words: Yes to a long stay in Bulgaria - but not in a hotel.