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End of May me and Peter undertook a 3 day trip to Pamporovo in the Rhodopi Mountains and the Belogradchik Rocks. We have had 3 days of wonderful weather, all the time it was around 30 degrees, sometimes even 31 degrees. Solely in Pamporovo we had a drop of temperature of 18 degrees. By the way we did not like it there at all, at least in the summer a journey thereto is not worth it. We did not take a single picture. Bansko and Borovets on the other hand we found much nicer.

But the trip through the Rhodopi Mountain is from the landscape point of view charming and the journey is worth it. And the air condition of my car was easily clear with the temperatures. We drove form Burgas direction Sofia and short before Jambol we toke the high way, then via Plovdiv through Assenovgrad to Pamporovo. On the return journey from Pamporovo at the exit of Assenovgrad by chance we discovered a cosy hotel “House Rhodopes”. We stood overnight in the just 2 years old hotel. The rooms were nice and with the 28 Levs “dead cheap”. We liked very much the beer garden with the fountain and water mill. The meal itself was also at a reasonable price and good. On the evening a party toke place, but we could not exactly find out what kind of. The main character was a 23 years old lady, concerning the guest they seem to be relatives and friends. It was anyway an experience to witness a typical Bulgarian celebration with Horo and so on.

On the next morning we drove on the high way via Sofia to Botevgrad and onwards on the main road through Vratsa und Montana to Belogradchik. The roads were good, except the drive through Vratsa. One should say Vratsa is a disgusting road whole which is also pretty ugly. At least the part of it, that we managed to see. Short before Berlogradchik the natural reserve “The Rocks of Belogradchik” exposed itself. We drove through a picturesque nature in the city parallel at the rocks. It was just marvellous!

Then we decided to visit Russe the next day. So we drove this direction and stood for overnight in Lukovit in hotel Diplomat Plaza. We are not granting us anything anyway! The room in this SPA and Wellness hotel costs 78 Levs for a single room. The standard, the service and the ambience were relevant and the price of round 40 euro not too expensive und comparing with Germany almost ridiculous.

On the next morning we changed our plans in the short run and drove via Sofia and Plovdiv home in our Bulgarian apartments where we arrived around 14.30h. All in All a terrific journey!

The hotel “House Rhodopes”

The natural reserve “The Rocks of Belogradchik”

View to Belogradchik